Top Range of Jewellery Safes in Australia

Choose from our leading selection of safes and keep your jewellery secure at home

Providing superior jewellery safes of the highest security standard, Australian Safe Supplies gives you the confidence to know that your possessions are completely protected at home.

Businesses in the business of selling and therefore storing Jewellery and precious metal products will invest in the highest of quality safe solutions,

Commercial and indeed residential customers who choose to invest in precious metals (diamonds, gold bullion, sterling silver, collectibles such as vintage jewellery and watches, or other precious Gem Stones) will also need to look at our high quality Safe Range.

Whatever you need to store, Australian Safe Supplies can assist by constructing the best solution to meet your needs.

Protection of your high value possessions is something we take very seriously.

Our recommendations will factor in all variables

  • Storage or interior space
  • Footprint or size of the Safe
  • Value of the possessions to be protected
  • Load bearing capacity of the floor or building
  • Transit of the safe to its installation point
  • Additional protection such as motion detection, connection to existing alarm systems
  • The quality and type of Locking system required for the Safe
  • Business Plans that you have for your business, we may recommend a High Quality Bank Vault if expansion is a requirement.

We are proud to say that we have helped many Businesses, Australia Wide including Oceania, invest in the best solution for the protection of their valuables and indeed their business.

Our hands-on approach means there is always one of our specialists available to address any questions or concerns about the solution we have recommended for your business.

If you are not sure where to begin with the storage of your valuable items of Jewellery or precious metals, then you have come to the right place.

We ensure to only stock the leading brands in security products; our safes are all backed by warranty and receive rigorous testing to ensure they provide premium-grade security to withstand forced entry or fire.

Browse our selection of jewellery wall safes below or contact us to discuss how we can provide the best security solution for you.


Australian Safe Supplies stock a huge range of Safes.
If you can't find the right safe for your needs,contact us and we'll find it for you.