Australian Safe Supplie's modular vaults and related products provide banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other commercial businesses with state-of-the-art security measures to protect their assets. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, competitively priced security equipment for the security industry. Products range from U.L.-listed modular vault panels and vault doors, to safes, lockers and safe deposit boxes.

Australian Safe Supplies are the biggest supplier of premium quality vaults to Australian Businesses, and we assist individual and business clients from all over the country with their vault needs. Australian Safe Supplies design Vault solutions for a myriad of different clients across a wide range of industry types including banks and financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals, Importers, Gold and Gemstone Traders, and government and defence organisations.

Our Vault Services are also utilised by private clients - Australian Safe Supplies devise custom solutions from concept to Installation including the cutover to full Production Operation of the Vault facility.

We are proud to say that we have helped many Businesses, Australia Wide including Oceania, invest in the best solution for the protection of their valuables and indeed their business.

Our hands-on approach means there is always one of our specialists available to address any questions or concerns about the solution we have recommended/implemented for your business.

No matter what the safety and security needs are, Australian Safe Supplies can, manufacture, deliver and install it for you in a discrete and security-conscious manner.

Our vaults can be subtle and unobtrusive while still offering the appropriate level of security to meet your requirements.

Need your premises restored to original configuration?

In addition to installing and supplying your vaults, we also provide de-fit Services where we remove, uninstall and relocate modular vaults and Vault Doors.

When it comes to the Design and implementation of a vault to meet your business or individual requirements, we believe that the best solution will be delivered through consultation with one of our specialists.