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Australian Safe Supplies’ range of premium and commercial modular vaults and vault doors are designed to provide the highest level of security protection for you, your business or organisation.

Supplying vaults from leading security manufacturers, our vault doors provide the ultimate in secure storage at competitive prices. Australian Safe Supplies’ vault doors combine superior grade stainless steel with sophisticated locking features, offering the ideal solution for security conscious businesses and organisations.

Our modular vault panels replace the generically poured concrete and rebar construction vault systems, saving time by creating a more efficient construction process. The efficiencies presented by selecting to use modular vault panels represents real dollar saving to the end user. The vault panels are manufactured in America out of higher strength materials compared to generic poured concrete and allow for a thinner and lighter product. These features provide saving in ongoing cost based useable square foot costs for the end user.

All vault panels have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) to meet the standards set under U.L. Safety Standards, U.L. 608. Underwriters Laboratories verifies that these standards are adhered to by periodic inspections of the manufacturing facilities. These standards require retesting for each class every seven years, which allows U.L. to constantly increase and improve testing methods to meet the latest technological advances.

The U.L. ratings are as follows:

Class M - 15 Minutes

Class 1 - 30 Minutes

Class 2 - 60 Minutes

Class 3 - 120 Minutes

The ratings on actual attack minutes (not including breaks for changing tools, reviewing plans, etc.) for a three-man team. The goal is to create a man size opening of 96 square inches opening in, between two vault panels, or at the floor level of a vault.

Australian Safes Supplies offers three vault panel systems- concrete, lightweight and ultra-high performance concrete. For the majority of applications the concrete vault panel system is suitable. The lightweight vault panel system is most desirable where weight or access for installation is a major concern. Each one of the vault panels can be used in conjunction with one another to create what is known as a hybrid modular vault. Hybrid vaults are beneficial because they allow end users to take advantage of cost savings associated with traditional concrete vault panels while maximizing space or minimizing weight of the modular vault system.

The manufacturing methods ensure that each vault panel and component meets the strict requirements of U.L. One requirement is that all metal exposed to oxygen must be painted or coated on all sides or edges to ensure the metal does not pit or decay. VSI uses only electrostatic coated metals, and coats all welds. This process ensures this requirement is always met. In addition, regular testing of the proprietary security mix is performed.

All Thor III Vault Doors are designed to meet Underwriters

Laboratories requirements as outlined in Standard for

Safety U.L. 608 and carry the U.L. label for selected Class.

The standard door has a 12-inch vestibule, with optional sizes


A door “collar” is available to allow door to be flush

with the inside vault wall.

  • Each Class 1, 2, and 3 door included the following:
  • Three movement time lock with reset and release feature
  • Two mechanical Group 1 combination locks
  • Day lock
  • Emergency vault ventilator with pass through
  • Alarm door contact
  • Alarm rate of rise thermostat
  • Acrylic day gate with key lock outside and thumb latch inside
  • Non-skid threshold cover


Emergency Inside Release

This option is an exclusive in the American market. Underwriters Laboratories has approved the door design including an optional inside emergency release, reducing fears of being locked inside the vault. After an incident in 2000 when a bank employee died while locked inside a vault, this option may prove to be prudent.

The emergency inside release option has been provided in locations where local building officials have demanded this option be made available.

Optional Vestibule Sizes

Standard size is prepared for a 12-inch wall, allowing adequate room for the contractor to install drywall under the finished trim with door steel set properly. This information must be available to the installer prior to setting the panels and the door.

Optional sizes are available to meet customer needs, but please allow for additional manufacturing time.

An optional panel "door collar" is available to work with the standard 12-inch vestibule.

The "door collar" allows the door to be installed flush with the inside vault wall.

Custom Sizes

Thor III doors may be ordered in custom configurations that include expanding width, height and depth of wall.

This feature is beneficial where there is a need to provide vault access to carts, forklifts and handicap access.

In addition, the increased size may be used as a focal point for the customer.

Smaller-sized doors are also available, and may be used as emergency doors or to fit a restricted location.


Door ramps may be necessary when a vault with six-panel sides is requested.

Ramps may be built by the general contractor or provided in steel by VSI.

A.D.A. requirements must be considered.

Day Gate Options

A clear acrylic day gate is standard with the Thor III Vault Door. This may be ordered in a gray or brown "smoke" finish at additional cost.

A stainless steel, rod-style day gate is also available at additional cost.

Both the acrylic and stainless steel rod-style day gates may be sold separately and in custom sizes.

Split gates, "Dutch door" style, and sliding and industrial wire mesh gates are also available in custom sizes to meet your needs.

Alarm Wrap Embedded In Core Of Door

Multiple circuits enhance the built-in thermostat to create an early warning of an attempt to attack the integrity of the door, prior to a rise in heat.

This provides protection from drill and core drill attacks.

This feature will not only limit damage to the door but also provide an unwelcome alarm for burglars.

Circuits may be tied into any alarm for additional protection.

In Door Telephone

Located behind a service door, the phone may be tied into the local network or to a dedicated circuit.

The use of a dedicated, separate circuit is recommended together with the elimination of the call bell. This eliminates any possibility of false alarms caused by a misdirected phone call to the vault when the vault is locked.

Hydraulic Operation

Any Thor III door may be equipped to open under hydraulic power.

This may be of benefit for someone with a handicap, as well as to enhance the overall image of security.


A bedplate for the vault door is required when a lightweight vault is used.

The bedplate is welded to the panels to provide a secure and stable footing for the vault door.

Lock Options

Various lock options are available and include electronic time locks.

The standard time lock is manufactured by Ilco-Unican, however other manufacturer's locks are available.

Two Mechanical Group 1 combination locks, manufactured by La Gard are standard.

A third combination lock as well as a key lock may be added.

Other manufacturer's locks are also available.

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